2017: An Oven-less Start

There is always a lot to look forward to in the new year. There are, after all, another 12 months ahead to work on the things we love. So as you can imagine, my motivation is high and I have come into 2017 armed with yet another bucket list of aspirations. Some of which, of course, rolled over from 2016. This is the problem of having open ended goals like “cook more frequently” or “make some YouTube videos”. This year I want to take these further by documenting my thoughts and recipes on this blog as well as add more videos to my YouTube channel to really build out my online presence.

Macarons with wonderful feet: No longer achievable with an uneven oven!

Having said all of that, in a very timely manner, my oven has developed hot spots and uneven temperatures. Just in time for the new year too! Those who follow my Instagram will know that I tend to bake a lot of finicky pastries and cookies. So macarons have been exploding in the oven, caneles over rising out of the moulds, even cup cakes are leaving the oven lopsided!

This is of course not the ideal start to the new year, but neither is it a bad one. It is just two days into 2017 and I feel it is a bit too early to give up. So until this oven debacle has been resolved, I will be exploring different recipes. Perhaps ones that are less “artisanal” and a bit more forgiving when it comes to temperatures or ones which employ other means of cooking. Despite the name Baken, this blog is not dedicated solely to baking. It is about my culinary journey to explore and learn, one that I hope you can join me on!

(Note: It will take time to build up some content on this blog, so in the mean time you can see my some of my work on YouTube and guest post over at Blender and Basil!)


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